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BioTechs is a professional, family-owned, crime scene cleanup San Antonio company. We are available to assist you and your family 24/7 after tragedy strikes. If you have experienced a suicide, homicide, or trauma, our dedicated team is on standby to assist you, so you can focus on what’s most important right now – you and your family.

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While the average homicide and crime scene cleanup San Antonio TX company will likely treat the passing of your loved one more like a business transaction, we believe that compassion comes before profits. We’ve spent the past two decades helping our clients to bring calm, order, and support during a sensitive time when support is needed most.

We have helped businesses, governmental agencies, and churches to assist with some of the most horrific mass shootings in Texas’ history–like the one shown in this video.

What Does Crime Scene Clean Up Cost?

First, our deepest condolences to you and your family. Our family is here to help you.

If you’re wondering, “How much does a crime scene cleanup service cost?” This is a difficult question to answer because many factors affect the amount of work needed to properly remediate your property. Aspects of the property like flooring type, wall texture, and even outside temperature & humidity, etc will affect the scene and thus, the cost of cleanup. We offer free assessments Mon-Fri during normal business hours, in order to properly assess the damages and provide you with an accurate estimate. In order to sufficiently take care of you and your family, an assessment is best so we can properly remediate your property according to OSHA regulations.

Minimal Out of Pocket Costs

Fortunately, most renter’s and homeowner’s insurance policies cover the cost of our biohazard cleanup services. As part of our service to assist you, we help families initiate the claim with their policy holder, so you can tend to other pressing matters. Once the insurance has confirmed coverage, we can get start remediating the suicide, trauma, homicide, or blood clean up project with minimal out of pocket costs to you. If you need our services immediately, and cannot wait for insurance approval, we can accept a deposit that will be applied towards services, and we can respond immediately to mitigate further damages. Deposit amounts vary depending on several factors, but the amount can be determined during your phone call to BioTechs. Assisting you and your family to address your urgent need now, is our top priority.

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Why You Should Choose Us Over Other

Trauma & Crime Scene Cleaning Companies

We were one of the first trauma and crime scene cleanup companies of its kind in Texas nearly 20 years ago. Our team is made up of local firemen and former police officers who add an additional element of training and professionalism. Here are additional reasons why you should choose us:

We are OSHA Certified, Out-Respiratory-Personal Certified, and HAZCOM Certified

We have the utmost compassion and care for all family members involved

We arrive in unmarked vehicles to keep your situation private from the community

We assist with all options available to help cover the bulk of the cost of our services

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San Antonio Crime Scene Cleaning

We at BioTechs would prefer not to be just a crime scene cleaning company. Instead, we would much rather be your neighbor. We will be there for you when you need us. Just know that our family is here to assist your family 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

There are many factors that affect the amount of work required to remediate your property and restore it to a safe and healthy environment. These factors include time-lapse, type of scene, surrounding items in the room, temperature, humidity, and more. Since there is so much involved, we offer a Free On-Site Assessment of your property to give you the most accurate estimate straight away.

Meet The BioTechs Crime Scene Cleaners Family

We put you first. When we receive the call for our services, then you become our #1 priority. We’ll treat you, your situation, and all who are involved with absolute professionalism and compassion.

Aside from transforming a chaotic scene back into a peaceful environment, our strength is in working with families in their time of need. Some of us our very own crime scene cleaners here at BioTechs have found themselves in similar shoes. And many in our company are former law enforcement and firefighters who have worked on the front line with grieving families. Give us a call. We’ll take care of you–like family.

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Besides San Antonio, TX, we have crime cleanup locations scattered throughout the state of Texas. BioTechs has a crime scene cleanup office located in Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas and Austin. With your privacy in mind, we will arrive in unmarked vehicles if requested. We will assess the property to develop a scope of work and price estimate. Our entire team is available to assist you and your family so you can begin healing. We are available 24/7 if you have questions regarding our services. Our family is standing by to help your family. If you ever need us, no matter what time, you can call us and we will help guide you through this difficult time.

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About BioTechs Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning

Moved by a poignant encounter after a tragedy, our founder, a retired 23-year law enforcement veteran, established BioTechs to assist families during their most challenging times. This initiative, starting over 20 years ago, made BioTechs a pioneer in Texas, offering specialized cleanup services. With five locations, BioTechs has since played a vital role in managing the after effects of some of the most heartrending incidents in Texas, aiming to assist families and property owners in their healing journey.

BioTechs, founded in San Antonio, Texas by Trini and Audrey Trinidad, emphasizes compassion, professionalism, and respect in their work, particularly in the aftermath of tragedies. They are committed to restoring sites to their original state with a deep respect for the deceased and the affected surroundings. The team primarily consists of active and retired firefighters and police officers, whose experience fosters a unique blend of care, attention to detail, and empathy—core values that BioTechs upholds in serving their clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the San Antonio crime scene cleanup job cost?

Firstly, our sympathies to you and your family. We understand how difficult this can be, but know that you’re not alone. We’re here to help in any way that we can.

Unfortunately, no two scenes are the same, and there are a number of factors that influence the amount of work that will be required to restore your space back to a clean and safe environment. Some of these factors include time-lapse (how much times has passed since the incident occurred), type of scene (unattended death and a suicide scenes vary significantly), surrounding items in the room (ex. We helped a family to restore valuables that were affected by the scene), type of flooring (blood can travel through the wood, and through the carpet, so this adds a layer of complexity to the scope of the project), the temperature of the room (which can negatively alter both the air and space inside enclosed buildings and homes), and humidity.

Since there is so much involved with each job, we make it simple for you by offering a Free On-Site Inspection in San Antonio or surrounding cities. Once we know what we’re up against, then we can quickly and easily answer all of your questions regarding price, timeline, and all other questions.

Call us for a Hassle-Free, Zero Commitment, Assessment of your property today!

Who does the suicide, blood, or death scene cleanup in San Antonio?

Ultimately, the burden of cleaning up a suicide, blood, or death scene typically falls onto the shoulders of the property owner or the family involved. However, cleaning up after a tragic incident could be emotionally scarring. But you are not alone.

We are here to help. And we’ll work with your insurance company to cover the cost of the work that needs to be done.

To see how we can help, and to find out if your insurance company will cover your cleanup, give us a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re here to help all San Antonio and surrounding residence.

Who picks up dead bodies from the San Antonio trauma or suicide scene?

After a trauma or suicide scene, the coroner will typically pick up the body and they will take it away to a location to examine the body further. Unfortunately, they will not clean up any contamination aftermath, remains or fluids, for example, blood, left behind. However, we specialize in cleaning up the scene and restoring your property back to a clean and safe environment to enjoy.

Give us a call. BioTechs Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning is here to help 24/7.

Will my insurance policy cover the cost of the death, homicide, suicide scene clean up in San Antonio TX?

Most homeowner’s and renter’s insurance policies do, in fact, cover the cost of emergency biohazard cleanup.

BioTech’s biohazard remediation and cleaning services typically include unattended death cleanup, homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, blood cleanup, and related aftermath cleanup services. We can help you to determine that pretty quickly.

All we would need is the name of your insurance company and your policy number. If your company gives us the approval, then we will then get started on the work that needs to get done and we will coordinate with your insurance company, directly, to reimburse us for the work.

We cannot guarantee that you have coverage, but we are here to help to ensure that. Just pick up the phone and give us a call–today!

What if my insurance company recommends a different suicide, trauma, death, homicide, or crime scene clean up businesses for the job?

That choice is ultimately yours to make. We are often widely recommended by many insurance companies, and we also use the same pricing software used by insurance companies. When it comes to:

  • biohazard cleanup
  • suicide cleanup
  • trauma cleanup
  • blood cleanup
  • death or unattended death cleanup
  • decomposition cleanup
  • hoarder cleanup
  • coronavirus remediation and sanitization
  • accident cleanup
  • blood spill and chemical spill cleanup

we’ve been working with insurance companies for two decades to help alleviate the cost of our services for the families and property owners. If you would like to use us, then give us a call. We can work with your insurance to try and obtain approval with them to cover the cost of the work that needs to be done. Call us. We’ll help any way that we can.

Besides forensic cleaning and murder scene clean up services, what other biohazard clean up services does BioTechs offer?

Besides forensic cleaning and murder scene clean up services, BioTechs offers decomposition cleanup, coronavirus remediation, and sanitization, hoarding clean up, vehicle accident and industrial accident cleanup, and both blood spill and chemical spill cleanup services. BioTechs is one of the highest-rated commercial cleaners here in Texas. We would love to answer any of your questions, and we’re here to help you around the clock.

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