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BioTechs offers professional hoarder cleanup services from San Antonio, TX. We can help you, a loved one, or property owners to declutter your property and to restore your space from years of collecting and pile up. We are a biohazard cleaning company that specializes in medical waste removal, illegal drug removal, and the proper disposal of harmful substances. For a free quote, or to ask questions, simply give us a call today!

Hoarder Cleanup San Antonio

Clutter consumes our living space and limits our free movement around the house. Often clutter builds up fast that you hardly notice because you cherish everything in your possession. They quickly become a source of distress that negatively affects your quality of life. However, we are here to help.

BioTechs is a local hoarder cleanup San Antonio based company. We can help to make the entire process simple and painless. Our effective cleaning procedures ensure that you regain the space in your house with little to no effort on your part. After we are done with the entire decluttering process, you will appreciate the space and freedom that you’ve been without for so long.

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As one of the leading hoarder cleanup companies in all of Texas, we are prepared to handle anything. We can handle blood exposure, bodily fluids, needles, drugs, and other harmful substances that can be extremely harmful to a person’s health if not handled properly.

Oftentimes the cleanup itself is the first step to putting you on your path to healing so that your life can get back on the right track.

We have a team of compassionate and sensitive employees who are hired on merit with a background check to ensure that your safety, privacy, and well-being are observed and your property is professionally handled. We extend our courtesy of professionalism by issuing you with a Certificate of Completion confirming that you hired a team of professionals that observe the OSHA regulations.

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Hoarder Cleaning Services San Antonio Texas

Hoarder Cleaning Services San Antonio Texas

We can come to assess the extent of your hoarder cleaning services San Antonio project to provide a detailed estimate of the work required to clean and organize the property and the belongings within it.

Amidst delicately sorting out your property, we assist you to categorize what to keep, donate, or throw away. We give priority to all of your belongings, especially valuable documents and items, and we ensure that nothing is ever thrown out, shredded, discarded without your consent.

Besides clutter, hoarding accumulates other health risk hazards like mold, bad smell, pests, and bugs. Our professionals hoarding clean up technicians will ensure that we correctly use safe disinfectants to restore your property to its original state and even observe the OSHA standards in case we have body fluids to deal with. For a thorough cleanup, we might engage our whole team of police officers, firefighters, and EMTs if need be.

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We understand that hoarding cleanup does not happen overnight and letting go might be a challenge as well. Our sole intention is to help you declutter and claim the space in your home back.

Our hoarding clean up client list is sworn to your discreteness and confidentiality. Should there be a need for additional assistance beyond hoarding clean up, like counseling or animal foster care and the like, we can lend a hand in any way possible to ensure your smooth transition to a life that you deserve. We offer reasonable pricing for our hoarder cleaning service and the results can be life-changing and transformational.

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The task of restoring your residence to a homely place is a professional undertaking that demands compassion and ethics on our part.

Our team of professional hoarder cleaners strives to offer our best cleaning services with laser-focused attention to detail. We will attempt to get the job done within the shortest time possible and in the most humane and thoughtful manner. We are available for hire all year round with proof of previous work done, along with references if you so desire. All we know is that our hoarding cleanup services will give you total peace of mind.

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Moved by a poignant encounter after a tragedy, our founder, a retired 23-year law enforcement veteran, established BioTechs to assist families during their most challenging times. This initiative, starting over 20 years ago, made BioTechs a pioneer in Texas, offering specialized cleanup services. With five locations, BioTechs has since played a vital role in managing the after effects of some of the most heartrending incidents in Texas, aiming to assist families and property owners in their healing journey.

BioTechs, founded in San Antonio, Texas by Trini and Audrey Trinidad, emphasizes compassion, professionalism, and respect in their work, particularly in the aftermath of tragedies. They are committed to restoring sites to their original state with a deep respect for the deceased and the affected surroundings. The team primarily consists of active and retired firefighters and police officers, whose experience fosters a unique blend of care, attention to detail, and empathy—core values that BioTechs upholds in serving their clients.

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