Compassionate Homicide Cleanup San Antonio

BioTechs is the leading professional and compassionate homicide cleanup company throughout all of Texas. No matter if you are a family member, a co-worker, close friend, property manager, or property owner, we want to help. Discretion is important to us, and so is your well-being. Leave the cleaning to us. Give us a call–today!

Compassionate & Professional Homicide Cleanup

BioTechs is a professional and compassionate homicide cleanup San Antonio based company. No matter if you are a family member, a co-worker, close friend, property manager, or property owner, we want to help. Discretion is important to us, and so is your well-being. Leave the task in our hands. Give us a call–today!

24-Hour Homicide Cleanup Service

Everyone knows to call 911 and have the police dispatched to the scene of the crime. Afterward, the forensics team and coroner are summoned to do their analysis of the scene. It isn’t very often that people think about what comes after that. Only then do families learn the hard way that they are the ones left to take care of the mess.

If you or someone you know needs a homicide cleanup service provider to help after a crime, murder, or homicide has taken place in your home, then BioTechs can help. While you and your family are focused on healing and planning your next steps, we take care of the cleaning so that you don’t have to.

Homicide Cleanup Service

Attention to Detail is Mandatory During a Homicide Clean Up

Homicide Clean Up

There is an attention to detail that cannot be missed when you are dealing with a homicide clean up. Crime scenes are overwhelming for all involved. Our team is fully trained to properly handle any situation when it comes to the removal of the deceased. However, there is a specific set of rules that we follow on the outset when we are dealing with a crime scene. We are doing more during a homicide than just the clean up of the remains. Due to this fact, we must ensure the space is meticulous, and we do a thorough inspection to ensure our results down the fibers.

It is in this inspection that we are sometimes able to uncover additional evidence to hand over to the authorities to aid in the investigation. Our attention to detail must be precise in both our initial assessment, and our clean to make sure that we have thoroughly found, and removed all traces of the remains.

Two Decades of Homicide Cleaning Services

Oftentimes families will plan on doing the work themselves just to save a few dollars, but can you put a price on peace of mind? Attempting to do the work yourself can expose you to years of trauma, stress, and depression. You can skip the years of torture by allowing BioTechs to take care of everything for you. Our homicide cleaning services will ensure that every spec of blood, and all of the pathogens that may go unseen by the human eye, is removed, sanitized, and disinfected to keep the home safe for those who occupy the space later.

Also, most homeowners insurance companies will reimburse all of the costs associated with the work required to return the peace back into the home. For the past two decades, most insurance companies have approved BioTechs to perform similar work for families throughout the state.

Homicide Cleaning Services

How the Homicide Cleaning Takes Place

When faced with the homicide cleaning someone’s initial reaction is to want to start cleaning themselves. They want to get rid of all reminders of what has just happened. However, it is almost in every case that there is an ongoing investigation, which means whether, at a home or office, the place will be sectioned off with crime tape, and no one will be allowed in or around the area. In the case of an apartment, others that have been living there will be asked to find another place to stay until the investigations team decides that people are allowed back in. Such is the case in an office or a business place. The business may be shut down for a matter of days or weeks until all evidence is sufficient enough for them to be able to allow people back in once again. We work very closely with all involved in order to be able to ensure the crime scene is safely cleaned up, and the bodies have been removed. When we remove the body from a crime scene it is taken down to the morgue for further investigation, and identification. While we may need to come in before the initial part of the investigation the day of, we may also need to go in after to be able to finish our initial clean up process. Everything is dependent on the investigation and what is expected of us.

During the initial stages of the crime, there are many variables that can come into play. Law enforcement and the forensics department must do their due diligence in their investigation process, as we step in to do ours. We want everyone that has been directly or indirectly involved that we are working as quickly, and diligently as we are able. We want everyone to return back to their home or office as soon as it is safe to do so.

One of the First Homicide Cleaners in Texas

We understand that choosing between homicide cleaning companies can be overwhelming, but there are dozens of reasons why we’ve been in business for two decades. One reason why you should choose us over other homicide cleaners is that we are only one of two companies approved by the American Bio-Recovery Association here in the state of Texas. They are the leading authority for the entire industry for what we do. This should narrow your search down to just us and one other company.

Secondly, we currently have the most 5-Star Reviews in the entire state for what we do. We’ve worked with hundreds of families during a sensitive and unfortunate time in their lives. It’s important to us to make the entire process as stress-free as possible while overdelivering in all that we do so that families can use this time to heal.

Third, we treat you like family. Family doesn’t slap you with a price far beyond what they quoted. Family takes care of you beyond simply cleaning. Whether you call us for homicide or hoarder cleanup, our job is to make your life easier.

Homicide Cleaners

About BioTechs Crime & Trauma Scene Cleaning

Moved by a poignant encounter after a tragedy, our founder, a retired 23-year law enforcement veteran, established BioTechs to assist families during their most challenging times. This initiative, starting over 18 years ago, made BioTechs a pioneer in Texas, offering specialized cleanup services. With five locations, BioTechs has since played a vital role in managing the aftermath of some of the most heartrending incidents in Texas, aiming to ease the burden on affected families.

BioTechs, founded in San Antonio, Texas by Trini and Audrey Trinidad, emphasizes compassion, professionalism, and respect in their work, particularly in the aftermath of tragedies. They are committed to restoring sites to their original state with a deep respect for the deceased and the affected surroundings. The team primarily consists of active and retired firefighters and police officers, whose experience fosters a unique blend of care, attention to detail, and empathy—core values that BioTechs upholds in serving their clients.

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