“With over a decade of experience in the crime and trauma scene cleaning industry, allow me and my professional staff to assist you in your time of need.”

For immediate service 24/7/365 in the San Antonio + Austin area contact:

Audrey Trinidad

Founder/CEO BioTechs

San Antonio + Austin

Phone: 210.970.7070


BioTechs was founded in 2002 by Audrey Trinidad after her husband, a police officer, saw the emotional strain families endured when faced with cleaning the scene of a lost loved one.

She has been involved with thousands of crime and trauma scenes, allowing her to understand the needs and concerns of families during a time of loss and uncertainty. More importantly, she understands the need for compassion at such a critical time. Audrey’s compassion and genuine concern for family members is what sets BioTechs apart. Her personal experience has shaped her belief that every person, every family, and every business should be treated with respect and dignity. With this credo, she leads a team of industry professionals who bring respect, dignity, and compassion to every scene and family member they assist.