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First and foremost, we want you to understand that BioTechs is here so the healing can begin. We strive to help you in any way possible and provide you with the help you so desperately need after a tragedy. We will guide you through each step of our service, explain the cost of our service, and assist you with all insurance matters so that you can tend to other family members and pressing concerns.

What do you mean there is No Out of Pocket Costs?

There is no out of pocket expense to the family in most cases. This is because in most circumstances, we do not need to collect the insurance deductible from the family. Your deductible is taken from the remaining repairs allotted to you in your restoration portion of the claim. We bill the insurance company directly and receive payment directly from the insurance company.

Relieving You of Financial Stress

Recognizing that our services are required in times of great stress, BioTechs relieves that stress by working directly with your insurance carrier. Although we cannot guarantee coverage, in most instances, property insurance covers biohazard remediation services. Types of insurances that cover our services may include:

  • Homeowners
  • Renters
  • Automobile

Pricing Factors

Every scene is different and therefore, pricing is can not be properly done without first assessing the scene. We offer a free assessment of the scene at which time we will tell you exactly what will be necessary to complete the scope of work to be performed, how long the process will take, the cost involved, and how we can proceed forward. Some the factors involved in pricing include:

  • Time lapsed
  • Type of scene
  • Surrounding items in room
  • Type of flooring
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

These are just a few factors but all factors can affect the pricing of our service. Our pricing is extremely competitive in the industry and falls in line with our industry standards.

What do I need to get the process started?

All we require to start our process is the name of the insurance carrier and your policy number. We work closely with your insurance adjuster from start to finish. Part of our services includes initiating the claim on your behalf if you prefer. This minimizes the possibility of the family being re-traumatized by giving details of the tragedy. Once the claim is initiated, we provide the adjuster with your contact information and they will contact you but should not need to ask you any questions pertaining to the details of the scene.

How much does crime scene cleanup cost?

Pricing varies from scene to scene and there are many factors affecting price. These factors include the size of contaminated area, the amount of time that has lapsed since the incident occurred, weather, temperature, humidity, type of flooring, type of paint, etc. Therefore, an on-site inspection at NO COST is provided. This ensures BioTechs obtains the most accurate assessment and pricing for you.

Due to all the variables at each scene, it is not good practice to give an estimate over the phone in which case a company can quote one price and then increase it later. Families are already going through such a difficult time and the last thing they should face is an increase in price because an estimate was given over the phone.

Although we can not set a price based on the type of scene because of all the variables involved, we can and do set our hourly labor rate, PPE, transport medical waste rates, etc. Our rates are competitive with Xactimate, if not lower. Xactimate is the software insurance adjusters turn to in order to compare our rates with the industry standard rates.

Unfortunately, crime scene cleaning is not an inexpensive service. Our highly trained biohazard technicians are at risk with every scene we decontaminate. We are on call 24/7 ready to dispatch and arrive with the latest equipment for disinfecting any type of scene, personal protective gear, medical waste containers, and EPA registered chemicals. All biohazard materials are bagged, boxed, labeled, and disposed by a licensed medical waste carrier. At all times, BioTechs’ technicians must adhere to strict OSHA guidelines and don the tyvek suits, masks, gloves, etc when required. Although the personal protective gear is for the protection of each technician, it creates very hot and laborious conditions for the technicians during our services. Proper insurance is a must as well and BioTechs carries all proper types of insurance including worker’s compensation, automobile, and general liability.

Insurance Information

Why Insurance Claims are Important for Biohazard Cleanup Situations

It is not uncommon to need carpet replaced, walls repainted, or other structural repairs after our services are completed. Your insurance adjuster will address these repairs in the same claim as the cleanup portion of the claim. Filing a claim often pays for our services and the installation of new carpet, paint, baseboard, etc that may be required after decontamination services are complete.

What to do When You Don’t Have Insurance or Your Claim is Denied

BioTechs understands that our services are required in times of tremendous chaos, and therefore will guide the family through all possible avenues of payment. This will ease the emotional and financial strain that tragedy unexpectedly brings to families. If you do not have insurance or your insurance denied your claim, filing a claim through the Texas Crime Victims Compensation Program may be an avenue that can assist you. If you qualify, this program will pay up to $2,250.00 to assist families with the cost of crime scene cleanup. In extreme financial hardship, you may qualify for a Family Crisis Discount offered by BioTechs to assist families when they need it most.

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