Breathing Easy After Tear Gas

The most commonly used non-lethal deterrent in the United States are designed CS, CR and CN, also known as Mace. The most popular form used by police is the CS variety. CS is actually not a gas at room temperature, unlike popular belief. It is a mixture of a volatile solvent and a solid. The solid is pulverized into a fine powder and aerosolized to produced a “cloud” of the chemical into the air. Once inhaled, it will cause coughing, irritation of the nose, mouth, eyes, throat and lungs of the targeted person and anyone in the affected area.

The need for personal protective equipments is a necessity. BioTechs technicians will suit up with a full-face respirator for organic vapors, don a hazard suit, gloves and get to work to restore your property to a safe state. We use a HEPA vacuum system to ensure we do not redistribute the fine particles back into the air during the process. After our triple wash process is complete, we finish the job with ventilation and deodorizer spray application for odor treatment.